“Phenomenon” by Fisher Stolz represents the physical and cognitive processes in the brain interacting with and responding to the tangible elements of our physical world. The Library Board chose this sculpture as a representation of the library’s vision. Private donations funded the purchase and installation. The stainless steel sculpture was featured in the 2015 Peoria Sculpture Walk.


Greg DePauw’s art was a Art Pop! Peoria 2015 People’s Choice Award winner. Several sections of the 48 x 12 foot billboard are displayed in and around the Quiet Reading Room.

A professional artist for over 30 years, DePauw was the founder of the Art Rod foundation, which promotes handicapped awareness and the triumph of the human spirit (


Funded by the Friends of the Library and endowment funds (no tax dollars were used) in 2017, this vibrant piece is located by the Broadway Street entrance. Pekin native Jeremie Draper created the glass work which was then photographed and enlarged to billboard proportions. Designed to last about 10 years, the billboard will be at the library for a few years, and then will be exchanged for another local artist’s work.

Draper operates a glass studio in Peoria.


Rotating art displays  by local artists hangs in the lobby area hallway.  The Library will not engage in selling items.  Artwork is seen by everyone who walks into the Library – both children and adults –  therefore must meet “standards acceptable to the community.”  To submit your work, please  submit an on-line application and read the display policies therein.