Borrow Items

To borrow and take home materials...

  • In order to take anything home, you must have a valid library card. Items can be borrowed from / returned to most libraries throughout central Illinois with a valid card (any library in the RSAcat catalog.)
  • Items Owned By Another Library We can borrow from other libraries by placing a hold. We have it sent here, and send you an email when it’s available. (NEW items are not eligible for this service.)
  • What if it isn’t in the catalog? We request items from libraries outside the RSA area for anyone with a valid Pekin Library card. Ask us in person, call us at 347-7111 or use the FirstSearch link below. (Small fee if these items are requested and not retrieved.)
  • 3 Week Checkouts Books, Audiobooks, CD's
  • 1 Week Checkouts DVD's, Magazines, Children's Holiday Books, NEW CD's
  • Renew items If no one is waiting, your items can be renewed 2 times. Items renew for their checkout period. (Items borrowed from other libraries may differ. We follow the lending library's checkout and renewal limits.)
  1. Login (upper right) with your library card number and PIN in the RSA Catalog
  3. Check box next to the item, and select RENEW   
    Non-renewable items show in red

Use the free app for iPhone, iPad and iTouch ios devices, Bookmyne

Use Shoutbomb.   Sign up with your Library Card number and PIN
Shoutbomb Service

Just like checking out – put your items on the self-serve checkout pad and scan your card.

Call us at (309)-347-7111.  Please have your library card number ready.

Place a Hold

Use this when the item you want is checked out, or is owned by another library. Find the item you would like in the RSA Catalog, choose PLACE HOLD and enter your card number and PIN.

Place a hold in person at any Information Desk, or by phone 309-347-7111 (have your card number ready.)

Pre-Release Date Holds

Want in on a secret?

Some very popular authors have books in the catalog in advance of their release date and these books are available for holds. (No DVD's - only books.)  These authors are listed at the end of the New Materials List and appear in the catalog in all capital letters. Pre-release holds are available only to Pekin library card holders.  

Suggest a Purchase

Our catalog only shows purchased items. Items released more than 90 days ago should be ordered from another library, or through FirstSearch.

DVD's with a release date in the future will NOT appear in the catalog. If you want something that is newly released and not yet in the catalog, please fill out this form.