Pekin Times newspapers are available on microfilm in our Local History Room, from the most current to 1914.  The index gives the exact date, page number  and  column for printed obituary notices.  With this information, you can easily locate the notice in the microfilm.  Local History Room / microfilm access is available during normal library hours.  You do not need a library card to use these resources.


If you find an obituary in the index, but are unable to visit the library, our local history expert can send a PDF of the notice to you. A $5 basic research fee is charged when you can supply the exact name and date for one to five obituaries. The fee for a request of six to 10 obituaries is $10, and the fee for 11 to 15 obituaries is $15. For this service, please email: with all the information from the listing.
Advanced research fees begin at $15; these fees apply where dates are missing or only approximate. Please allow 1-2 weeks for the completion of research requests.

What Else is in the Local History Room?