Passport Processing

How it works

Call to make an appointment
Pekin Public Library Passport Agents will process the DS-11 passport application on behalf of the US Department of State.

Passport Agents are not available every hour the library is open; appointments needed as we may not be able to process walk-in requests. 309-347-7111

What You Need

DS-11 Application Complete sections 1-22 in BLACK INK; Do Not Sign the Application. Social Security Number is a requirement. All applicants applying for a passport must be present. Forms are available at the library or downloaded at

Proof Of Citizenship Certified Copy of a Birth Certificate containing the full names of one or both parents, or current/previous U. S. Passport, or Naturalization Certificate. Hospital Issued Birth Certificates are not accepted.

Proof of Identity Valid U.S. Driver's License, Military or Government-Issued ID. (We will make a copy of your ID to submit with the application.)
Out-of-State Driver's Licenses require a second Photo ID. *A photocopy of BOTH parental ID's are to be submitted with a child's application.

One Passport Photo Photo can be taken at Walgreens and CVS in Pekin.

Additional Needs/Children

IN ADDITION to other requirements, please note:

Children 15 and under: Both parents must be present with the child/children. If one parent cannot appear, the absentee parent must submit a notarized statement of consent along with a photocopy of the front and back of the driver's license. *A photocopy of both parents ID's are submitted with each child's application.

16 and 17 Year Old One parent must accompany a 16 or 17 year old applying for a passport. They must submit a certified copy of the birth certificate for a new passport or a current/previous passport.


ADULT Application Fee (16 and Older)

  • Passport Book -- $110 made payable to:
    US Dept of State
  • Passport Card -- $30 made payable to:US Dept of State
CHILDREN Application Fee (15 and under)
  • Passport Book -- $80 made payable to:
    US Dept of State
  • Passport Card -- $15 made payable to:
    US Dept of State
Application fees must be paid with check or money order as they are mailed with the application.

ALL AGES Processing Fee -- $25 for each passport processed is payable to Pekin Public Library by cash, check, Visa or MasterCard at time of processing


Renewal applications are mailed directly to the passport agency by the applicant. For more information on renewals, use this link: DS-82

More Information

For more information on international travel, visit the official website for passport information -