Yes, we have free Wi-Fi at the library!  Wi-Fi is available in all areas of the building; there is no password needed.

Wi-Fi Printing

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Use our printing service in 2 ways: when in the library while on your Wi-Fi enabled device OR from home.

When using the Wi-Fi print option, the information to be printed must first be saved to a file.  The link will ask you to choose a printer (black & white or color); enter your User Information (i.e. your name); select your document; and enter your print options.  Please check the number of pages that will be sent; if correct press the green printer button.

The print job will appear within a minute or two; if you are printing from home, you are welcome to call us at 347-7111 to verify your document has arrived.  The coin operated printer stations are located by the computer lab.  Your print job will be identified by the User Information you entered on the first screen.

Can I Use the Computer Lab to Print?  I’m Not From Pekin.